Zhang Xinmin, Vice President of China Chamber of Commerce Fo

2019-02-27 admin


On December 12, Zhang Xinmin, Vice President of China Chamber of Commerce For Import and Export of Textiles, visited the headquarter of Vent d’Est Company for field research with his delegation to deeply understand the development process, industry status and overall development strategy of Vent d’Est Company. He also discussed and exchanged views with President Tao Sen and the management on the current foreign trade environment, the import and export of enterprises, and the development prospects of the textile and garment industry. Gao Zhenyu (Director of Foreign Trade Department of Dalian Business Bureau) and Liu Xiangyang ( President of Dalian Garment and Textile Association) accompanied the investigation. Sheng Yiwei (Secretary of the Board of Directors of Vent d’Est Company), Lin Shuling (Chief Financial Officer), Hou Qing (Deputy General Manager) attended the research activity together with others.



In the course of the investigation, the two sides have made in-depth discussions on their respective concerns. President Tao Sen first gave a brief introduction to Vent d’Est Company and its development history and made recommendations on the booth layout of the Canton Fair to better display the corporate image and soft and hard strength of Vent d’Est Company and highlight the dominant position of the garment industry as a traditional industry in Dalian. At the same time, he also expressed his sincere expectation of learning from other powerful enterprises in the industry.  President Zhang listened to Tao's introduction and suggestions carefully. He said he would further enhance the importance of the textile and garment enterprises in Dalian, meet the reasonable needs of the enterprise as far as possible, encourage enterprises to develop in groups and promote the realization of resource sharing and win-win cooperation in the industry, and encourage enterprises to "go out" properly and "keep" technologies and orders, participate in international cooperation and promote industrial upgrading.

At the meeting, Chen Zhirong, Director of Marketing Department of China Chamber of Commerce For Import and Export of Textiles, made a brief analysis on the global investment layout of garment enterprises. He pointed out that overseas new fashion cities such as Toronto, Miami and Berlin are very dynamic. They represented the economic growth pattern of a region in the next five to ten years and Mexico would also become the next hot investment area. On the other hand, he believed that in addition to establishing medium - and long-term goals, an easy way for enterprises to expand overseas markets is to dig into existing customer resources.

 The management of the company has also made extensive discussions on specific issues such as industry information resources sharing, enterprise labor costs with the investigating parties, hoping to establish a smoother communication channel with the Chamber of Commerce, reflect the actual needs of enterprise production and operation through industry organizations, so that enterprises can further develop healthily.



Finally, President Zhang fully affirmed the deep cultivation of Vent d’Est Company in the apparel industry for more than ten years. Not only has it achieved sustained and steady growth of the company itself, but also undertook the corresponding social responsibility well. The company has become the leader of the clothing industry in Northeast China by providing high quality products and perfect supply chain system. President Zhang said that with the vigorous development of enterprises in the forefront of the market, China Chamber of Commerce For Import and Export of Textiles would provide more forward-looking services for textile and apparel enterprises to promote the continuous progress of the industry with enterprises.